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PostSubject: Modz working 100% update remote kill   Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:51 pm

Download link: h i t c f. net

Run as administrator in win 7

Working in all operate system ! Support for:

    + CrossFire Viet Nam
    + CrossFire North America (Z8 Games)
    + CrossFire Brasil
    + CrossFire Euro
    + CrossFire Russia
    + CrossFire Indonesia
    + CrossFire Taiwan

+ ETC, using in more crossfire Very Happy

1. Draw a crosshair in center screen
2. See other player
3. Show The Ghost
4. Draw player bone, can see them behind the wall
5. Anti weapon recoil
6. Anti weapon reload
7. Auto aim the mouse at head enemy
8. Visible check for auto head
9. Walk through the wall
10. Kill enemy with golden headshot
11. Speed hack with hot key ALT
12. Invisible mode
13. Fast knife attack
14. Knife 360

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